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Learning by Doing: Quotes for the Commonplace

kids microscope notes doing learning

Enjoy some quotes about learning by doing from famous authors and philosophers.

What can I do with great quotes?

Sometimes, we need a little encouragement. Here are ways that a quote like one of the above quotes can help your homeschool day.

  1. If you are frazzled to find a good source for copywork, use a famous quote.
  2. If you are bogged down and wondering why you are doing what you are doing, take a moment to contemplate great thoughts from the past, as in one of these quotes.
  3. If you lose focus during your teaching part of the day, remember you may be talking too much. Have your kids do more “doing”! They can also “do” by teaching you what they are learning — a.k.a. narration!
  4. If any of these authors are on your kiddos’ reading list this semester, be sure to incorporate the quote somehow.
  5. You can make the quote into a bookmark.
  6. You can print the quote to pin on the wall for some uplifting thoughts.
  7. Uplifting thoughts enhance your attitude.

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