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DIY Skills

DIY Skills are skills that you teach yourself.  Self-learning skills explicitly aims at improving your personal set of Skills.  If you teach your kids, you should also teach them skills and how to learn new skills.  And remember, by teaching something, you reinforce your own learning.

What skills, exactly?

Many people have different ideas about what skills are most valuable.  The DIY Skills you find here come from various sources. Some are life skills; some are lost skills that your grandmother might have known; some could be purely practical, like how to fix things.  I’ve included many that we’ve learned via Charlotte Mason homeschooling, because the methods include handicraft, gardening and art skills.

There’s a lot of crossover when you start making your bucket list of skills to learn in your lifetime. Charlotte Mason thought you should set a feast for kids to learn from — here, I’m setting the feast of DIY Skills.