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Curated Poetry Study QuickStart Guide

blossoms laying on a book

Click below for the poetry study Quick Start Guide.

Get my Free Curated Poetry QuickStart Guide

Click below to go to my ItList “Add Poetry to Your Day: Quick Start Guide”. It’s free and it will help you get started with Poetry Studies.

What’s a curated Poetry Study Guide?

And why a Poetry Studies Guide? Well, I’ve found a new tool that I hope will help you. Called ItList.

It’s a way of cutting through the noise and hitting just the topic you want. I’ve started with Poetry studies because that was one of my “hard to figure out” spots. I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.

What’s new?

I’m learning lots! I want to help you to learn new things too.

The ItList is an interactive guide to (in this case) Poetry studies.

Use it to get up to speed quickly on the topic.

Isn’t this redundant?


But sometimes we can get bogged down in the information overload. I’ve put together all my best references for poetry studies in one place. Let me know if you like the curated format!

It’s free and compact. Download the free guide for when you need it. And you do need it!

You’ll find these articles referenced in the QuickStart Guide:

And more!