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Nature Walk Quotes

family walking in field wearing red flannel

A Dozen Nature Walk Quotes

Here are a dozen inspirational quotes about the nature walk and how to enjoy nature while walking in it.

What’s missing?

I know some will complain that Robert Frost’s iconic “Road Not Taken” is missing from my image quotes. Perhaps I will keep that for another day.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the poem: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

I actually sang this in my high school choir. Here’s the version we sang. It’s a great way to memorize the poem.

Get out and walk

Don’t these quotes make you want to get out in nature and walk? Grab your hiking buddies and go. The nature walk doesn’t have to be formal. Remember, it’s about consistent time spent outdoors observing and enjoying the creation. Even a walk around the block is a good place to start or just a simple way to revitalize your day.

When you’re walking with your kids, let them tell you what they’ve seen. Change up the walk — sometimes take a quiet walk until you arrive at the agreed upon “talking” spot. Other times, count your collections out loud as you go in an “eye spy” kind of way — e.g. “There’s a red-winged black bird!” or “That’s a Canadian goose.” (if you were studying birds).

Changing up your walk can bring a fun element to your observations.

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