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How We Learn

Learning: What can we learn about how we learn? What do we know? What can we apply to teaching our kids? Can we help them become independent learners?

Below are articles and posts that come at the topic from many angles.

What makes a child learn? Do we keep learning as we age? Is self-education the only way to learn, as 19th-century educator Charlotte Mason famously asked?  What makes an auto-didact? Why do some kids seem to teach themselves easily and others not so much?

What practices can we develop to keep our brain learning?  Is the brain elastic? Can you teach yourself new things if you are an old dog?  How are we wonderously made? Can you grow your brain?

Pedagogy is the study of how teachers teach and the ways learners learn.  It also looks at the way that learners learn affects the way that teachers teach.  Now — there is a mouthful!  Theory and practice can be influenced by culture and different ways to master new information.

In today’s culture, some people categorize students into “Visual, Kinesthetic, or Auditory.”  But is it really that simple? Does our learning style define the only way we can acquire new information? Should we become familiar with other ways?  Or should we stick to what’s easiest?  What can help us learn?

So many questions! See if you can find insight into any of them and then see what questions you can ask yourself to keep learning!  Here are articles addressing the topic from many different angles.  See if they can add some pieces to the puzzle.

stack of books with join a book club

Join a Book Club

Self-directed learning doesn’t always mean learning something by yourself.  Self-directed learning means that you as the student manage your learning. Various tools, methods, or people… Read More »Join a Book Club