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Here you will find our articles related to Handicraft and posts about actual handcrafts we have pursued in relation to a Charlotte Mason (CM) Homeschool.


What Does Handicraft Mean?

For our purposes, we are talking about arts or crafts made by hand or by simple hand tools that are useful, practical, and beautiful.

What are considered handicrafts?

  • Traditional handcrafts include needlework, modeling, brushwork, leathercraft, and more.
  • Modern applications can include kitchen crafting, plant work, paper crafting, woodworking, and more.


What is the meaning of doing handicraft?

  • In the CM homeschooling circles, handicraft refers to teaching children to make useful things by hand.  There’s an element of beauty and order to how the child should learn and do, and so, handicraft is the application of the self towards creating something of beauty or value.
  • The process of learning is valuable.