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Liberty Classroom Review

Liberty Classroom Review

Today, I am excited to have a guest post from regular contributor (and also my son) Josh Rudd. In today’s post, Josh looks at his impressions of the Liberty Classroom.

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Online Curriculum Review: Liberty Classroom

This post will review Tom Wood’s Liberty Classroom, which is an online history, government  and economics curriculum. It doesn’t offer other subjects, such as math or science.  However, the courses it does offer are excellent.

My introduction to Tom

I first encountered Tom as a teacher in the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC). Tom still teaches some courses (Western Civilization) on RPC which Liberty Classroom makes available to Master members. Tom’s impressive knowledge and style convinced us to enroll in Liberty Classroom also. He offers a lifetime membership with access to all courses, so we have been checking out the various offerings.

Libertarian worldview

A libertarian worldview forms the foundation of Liberty Classroom. All of Liberty Classroom’s courses defend the principles of small government and personal freedom in the fields of history, economics, and politics. At the same time, each course thoroughly educates students on all facts, views, and opinions related to the subject in question.

At the time of this writing, the liberty classroom offers 20 courses, (although a few of these 20 are parts one and two of the same course). Each course has between 20 and 40 lessons, making them perfect for a single-semester course.

Liberty Classroom costs significantly less than other online curriculum. Of course, you might expect that since it doesn’t offer a complete schooling curriculum. Still, the basic membership to Liberty Classroom, which includes all courses, is surprisingly inexpensive.

If history, economics, and government thrill you, and you want to learn them from a pro-personal freedom, pro-small government viewpoint, I highly recommend you take a look at Liberty Classroom.

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