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Sometimes, we worry that homeschoolers can’t have all the opportunities that public schooling can give.  One area, in particular, is worrisome — any of the group activities, like sports, orchestra, or public speaking.

Public speaking in general is practiced in front of other people!

There are many solutions to this challenge.  One is to start your own speech club. Another is to take a community college course.  And you can always enroll in an online speech class.

We’ve tried all of these.

  • ~  We’ve started our own speech club with fellow homeschoolers for middle schoolers through high schoolers.
  • ~  When my sons were getting their associate degrees while in high school, they took a college-level speaking class.
  • ~  One semester, the speech class had to be done partially remotely. We also knew students who took the online speaking class from the Ron Paul Curriculum.  It can be done.

So, here are posts about some of our experiences.  You’ll find sample speeches, examples of different types of speeches, general tips on speaking in public, and practical advice if you want to set up your own speech club.