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Nature Study

The numerous benefits of Nature Study can be incorporated into your homeschooling journey fairly easily with a little consistent effort.  By introducing the natural world to your charges, not only can you form relations with plants and animals, but you can even form relations with the microscopic world or the macroscopic universe – all depending on where you focus your attention.

You can even build some essential learning habits: like observation, attention, and meditation!

Some families like to take a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood and look at how the seasons change.  Guaranteed improvement in observation skills with a tiny bit of coaxing.  For instance, if you are studying the weather, say to the kiddos, “Let’s go on a short walk around the neighborhood to check what the sky is doing today.”  A comment like that usually got me 5 minutes of detailed descriptions, then the boys would race back home.

It’s easy enough to do a short walk in your week.  Or a longer once-a-week outing to spend time in nature worked for us very well.  We would all look forward to the adventure.

And if your blessed to have your own private natural world in your backyard – be sure to take advantage of it.

The benefits of incorporating nature study into your day or week are numerous.  Start now!